Our team of people working in the broking department is able to offer you reliable and professional advice on the full spectrum of marine insurances including Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Freight Demurrage & Defence cover etc.

Very strong and direct ties with first class underwriters and P&I clubs all over the world guarantees first class results benefiting those who are entrusting their insurance matters to us.

MINIMAR’s pulse comes from its broking department. This is the first department you are likely to come into contact from both sides of the trading coin.
Our prime effort is to research the market thoroughly, in order to be able to respond to our selected clients’ demands properly.
We are in constant personal contact with the international market underwriters and P&I Clubs either on a direct basis or through our network of associates.
Our experienced team of brokers offers to our clients the opportunity to use the best-suited market facilities available, whilst retaining continuity with the existing traditional markets.
After scrutiny and evaluation of the findings, a concrete presentation is made to the clients who always have the final choice.
We are not only keen to offer competitive terms but we are mainly conscious to provide the product required by our clients with the best available security.
Some of our clients use our firm exclusively for a number of years. We consider this to be the best advertisement and the proof of the high standard services we provide.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure we can help even if we are not appointed as your insurance agents.

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